Paleo Steak and Avocado Roll-up - Paleo Wraps Review and Recipe

I'm a meat and veggies kind of guy. I can throw steak, chicken, pork, you name it on a bunch of greens and dig in with gusto. I don't lament the lack of bread in my diet, not for sandwiches and not at all for "wraps".

The "wrap" craze seems to have died down somewhat, a misguided attempt at a "healthier" option in most cases. "Hey! It's not bread, it's 'flat bread!'" they cried as they scarfed down the vertically challenged caloric equivalent of a sub-roll. You might even get some extra gluten in there to hold the whole thing together.

Enter Paleo Wraps

When I first heard of these I was skeptical. How is a "wrap" Paleo? Isn't this the "hunter gatherer" diet? Wouldn't a caveman simply eat with his/her hands? A "lettuce wrap" maybe, but a processed Paleo food? No thanks.

But then I read the ingredients

Paleo Wrap Ingredients: Coconut meat, coconut water

Ok I'm in.

A visit to Wild Mountain Paleo and a few days later I had a package of Paleo wraps in my hands and ready to go.

As luck would have it, I had a leftover grass-fed petit tenderloin from Beetnik foods and the two seemed destined to meet. Or should I say meat?

Paleo Steak and Avocado Roll-up

1 Julian Bakery Paleo Wrap
1 4oz piece of steak, sliced thin (leftover from this recipe)
2 tbsp guacamole (I used a single serving packet of Wholly Guacamole)
3 leaves hydroponic butterleaf lettuce (this is not slang for something you might find in Colorado, it's just lettuce)


Place the Paleo Wrap on a plate, shmear with guac, bang it with beef, layer with lettuce. Roll that baby up tight and go to town.

The Verdict

The Paleo Wrap holds together surprisingly well (no spillage), and has a nice chewy texture. The flavor is a bit sweet, owing perhaps to the tiny bit of sugar naturally found in coconut. This sweetness is not overpowering however and didn't detract from my overall enjoyment, although I do believe I will be rolling up some sprouted chocolate hazelnut butter and bananas next.

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  1. Pretty good. I can see these being great with just lettuce leaves.