30 Day Caveman Kettlebell Challenge ***Prize Pack Giveaway Open Until Midnight 4/4/14!***

***Prize Pack Update***

If you took part in the "30 Day Caveman Kettlebell Challenge" you not only have sore hands, a kettlebooty, and a new found appreciation for counting (1,2,3...300!), you have the chance to win a sweet prize pack valued at over $100 bucks!

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I will be accepting entries until Friday 4/4/14 at midnight (EST time) and you can even get multiple entries if you get creative (details on the contest FB post).

Good luck!


*** You Will Now be Returned to Your Regularly Scheduled Blog Post ***

I recently came across a guest coach post on BreakingMuscle.com titled "300 Swings a Day for Faster Fat Loss" by Pat Flynn of The Chronicles of Strength.

My first though upon reading was:

"300? Man, that's crazy"

My second thought:

"Maybe it's just crazy enough to work!"

My third thought:

"What have I gotten myself into?"

Needless to say, I would "like a simple way to cut fat." And, given that I'm fairly proficient at kettlebell swings and currently have one sitting in my living room, I really have no excuse.

I thought it might be nice to have some some company however, misery loves that doesn't it?

So, here's the deal...

30 Day Caveman Kettlebell Challenge Rules

  • Complete 300 kettlebell swings each day (broken up into several sets, ie. 100 morning, 100 noon, 100 night or whatever you prefer.)
  • Rx for men is a 45lb bell, Rx for women is a 30lb bell. (Keep in mind this is for someone who is already training with kettlebells regularly. If you are just getting into the swing of things (pun intended) start with a weight that you can hit for at least 100 solid, good form reps. This could be anything between 10lbs to 100lbs. Know thyself and don't hurt thyself.)
  • Use the "Russian" technique of swinging to chest/shoulder height (read this article if you need an explanation as to why and check out the tutorial at the bottom of this post for an example of how to use good technique.)
  • Take a "before" picture (just use your phone) and 30 days later take an "after picture." (See my pic below for an example. I touched it up a bit with the piclab app available on iphones and androids.)
  • Use hashtag "#ckc" in any social media posts so we can all see what everyone is doing. Currently, it's all cute dog pictures (I have no idea why) so it will be pretty funny to blow up the hashtag feed with kettlebell beasts.
  • When this is all said and done, I'll throw down some prizes for those who finish (which will include a pre-order copy of my upcoming book "Paleo Griling" as well as some as yet to be unveiled rewards.) This will be handled via my Facebook page.
  • That should just about cover it, good luck and get swinging!

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  1. 30lb for a woman...? I hope she's already in pretty decent shape, beginner weight is more like 10-20lbs, if I did 30 I wouldn't be able to walk the next day.

    1. Geeky Staci, thank's for pointing that out. I assumed that anyone who would be willing to try this is already pretty good at KB swings, but I shouldn't take that fact for granted. I updated the post to give novices and beginners a better idea of what weight they should be using and how to use proper technique.

    2. At first, I was like 300 kb swings! What?!

      Then I saw the weight was 30 lbs and was like ... oh, that's not bad. So yeah, I guess it depends on where you're at with your kb work!

      Thanks for the vid!

    3. Totally depends in the person. I've been doing it with a 45lb bell but I know people doing it with weights ranging all the way down to 10

  2. FYI: CKC is the Canadian Kennel Club hence the pictures of cute puppies.

    1. Lol, I was wondering what the heck that was all about ;)

  3. If you are going to a box would this be on your days off only? or in addition?

    1. Evan, I've continued my normal workout regiment and just slide 100 swings in before I leave the house, around lunch time, and before dinner. It hasn't really seemed to impact my recovery (6 days in so far) and I think the main effect is that it provides an intermittent metabolic bump that upregulates glucose metabolism and fat oxidizing hormones.

  4. Hey Tony. Been doing this for 13 days now. 300 Russian swings a day with a 32 kg kb. I do sets of 15 on a good day, all through the workout. Other days I break them up into 10-15-20. It varies. I find it is nice to make the hard work a bit (fun), or rather versatile, as it keeps up the motivation. I have no back pain as I´m very focused on using good technique. I am 44 years old, a bit overweight (I like food and beer).
    I´m curious as to what You meant about doing a 100 swings. Do You feel it´s better to go through a 100 swings unbroken (with a lighter weight), than to do sets of 10-15-20 or whatever?

    Something has definately changed around the stomach, should have taken a photo the very first days I started.

    Thanks for doing this and taking and interrest in swinging people...ha ha ha ; )

    1. Anon, I think there is definitely a metabolic benefit to maxing out (with good form) the number of reps you can continuously perform. However, I wouldn't let this recommendation deter you from breaking things up however you see fit.

      Not too late for that "before" pic btw!

    2. Omg, You replied. A million thanks. Very inspirational. It takes med approximately 20-22 minutes to do 300 swings with 32 kg, very focused on good hight for my swings, and correct hip movement. But I will definately try maxing out on of these days. It´s extremely motivating to try and do the swings in different ways. Again. thanks for the reply.....Best regards, Claus P from Denmark

  5. Do we need to post a before/after or just an after with our kettlebell? Thanks!

    1. Anon, I'm nailing down the prize details now and will update everyone soon! I'm happy to say that it's better than I originally expected :)

  6. is this still a good challenge with then prize offer... actually I just finished the 10,000 KB Swing challenge. I didn't see this one until I was half way through. I started with a 30 pounder and by the last 1500 raised to a 40 pounder. I am going to try this one with the 40 pounder and see if I can increase the weight by the end of the 30 day challenge....


  7. Do you need to do some kind of warmup before swinging the bells, if so what do you do. If you don't aren't you at risk for injuries? Not sure if you are still following this since it was almost a year ago.

    1. Terri, I still do KB swings regularly, but haven't continued with 300 per day! By the time I finished however, I could do ~500 unbroken swings with a 45lb kettlebell. The biggest thing I found for super high rep KB work is that my wrists started to hurt when I did the swing two handed. Doing 1 arm swings (alternating between left and right hands every 25 reps) seemed to be the best system. To answer your question specifically, no, I didn't do any particular warm up and didn't experience any problems. I would encourage you to have someone (ideally a qualified coach) to assess your technique before you dive into something like this as bad form WILL get you into trouble.