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Don’t feel like going outside? No problem! Watch TV, it’s more “convenient.”

Don’t feel like getting up to change the channel? You’re in luck! Here’s a remote, it’s more “convenient.”

Can’t be bothered to make dinner? We’ve got you covered! Drive through or delivery? Fast food is here for you, and it’s more “convenient.”

For years, we have been sold the promise of “convenience”, an endless march of products and promises that seem to offer a better life, more time, and less stress. Advertisers have coaxed us into thinking that “convenient” is synonymous with “good” and that more convenience is better. But what is the cost of all this convenience? If we look at all of the areas in our life that have become convenient, it becomes clear that convenience isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Take cars for example. Driving around in a car is nice and all. It saves us time, it allows us to travel long distances quickly and comfortably. In other words, it’s convenient. But that car uses gas, a nonrenewable fossil fuel that contributes to global warming and global warfare. Beyond that, automobile travel means more time spent sitting rather than walking, biking, or running. We have the “luxury” of being more sedentary thanks to cars, a convenience that is contributing to obesity and a host of other diseases. Cars have also allowed our towns and cities to spread out, severing formerly close knit communities with superhighways. Simply put, the cost of convenience is human connection, physical activity, and energy. Which brings us to Paleo.

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Tony is the host of the Paleo Magazine Radio podcast, author of "Paleo Grilling: A Modern Caveman's Guide to Cooking with Fire", and Cofounder of Powerful PT, an innovative information resource for Fitness Professionals. He has appeared on numerous local and national television and radio broadcasts and regularly hosts healthy cooking workshops and informational lectures. He is also a full-time Personal Trainer and Wellness Consultant who lives in Jacksonville Florida with his wife Jamie.
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