Paleo f(x) Pre Show Party - Austin 2014 Edition

Can you hear it?

That rumbling sound isn't an earthquake, or a stampeding herd of buffalo, its thousands of Vibram-five Fingers on a crash course with Austin Texas for this year's Paleo f(x) event.

I've attended the "Superbowl" of Paleo before, but this year's is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever.

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Austin TX, a city known for it's love of local food, music, and being "weird" is the perfect venue for a Paleo convention. Dining experiences abound, from a trip to the "mothership" (aka the Whole Foods world headquarters), to grass-fed burgers at Wholly Cow, to perfectly portioned Paleo lunches and bulletproof coffee at Picnik. Oh yeah, and barbecue. Real motherfucking barbecue.

Thankfully, Austin is also jam-packed with CrossFit gyms, fitness trails, and other ways to burn off all those delicious calories.

Understandably, however, not everyone can cut out of work and hang out in Austin for a few days. The good news is Paleo f(x) has you covered as well. Whether you are in Tulsa Oklahoma or Anchorage Alaska, you can tune in to a Live Stream of the event that will put you right there in the front row. That way you won't have to miss a single informative talk or inspirational panel!

Here's a breakdown of some of the talks that you can tune in to:


Chris Kresser — How to Win an Argument With a Paleo Critic
Dr. Terry Wahls — Maximizing Nutrient Density for Optimal Health
Robb Wolf — Ketogenic Diets for Traumatic Brain Injury
Dan Pardi — Why We Really Get Fat (and What to Do About It)
Dr. Jacob Egbert — Your Doctor Knows Very Little About Health
Kendall Kendrick — The Power of Imperfectionism


Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf — The Robb & Mark Show
Sarah Fragoso — How to Undo the Paleo Diet
Diane Sanfilippo — Reintroducing Non-Paleo Foods
Dr. Michael Ruscio — What to Do When Paleo Fails
Jordan Reasoner — Hacking Digestion: Common Paleo Mistakes
Dr. Christopher Ryan — Paleosexuality


Dr. Lauren Noel — Tailoring a Paleo Diet & Targeted Supplements for Women's Health
Dr. Daniel Stickler — Becoming Super-Human
Nora Gedgaudas — The Silent Autoimmunity Explosion
Dallas Hartwig and Dr. Helen Messier — Genes Aren't Destiny (But They Do Matter)
Arthur Haines — Hunter Gatherer Diets: a Useful Lens for Examining Diet Mythology
John Durant — Gross! Evolution of Disgust

Mastermind Panels (occurring throughout the 3 days)

Workout Nutrition — The best nutrition before, during and after workouts
Hacking Stress — Maintaining calm in our modern, non-paleo world
Gluten and the Gut — Gluten-free is the new black. The reality behind the hype
Paleo and Addiction — Healing addiction, disordered eating, and beyond
Moving Past the Mirror and Scale — Focusing on health, getting past Barbie and Ken
Paleo Life Hacker — Maximize travel, adventure, and self-reliance with Paleo life hacking
Self-Reliance — When it all goes Road Warrior, are you ready?
Building Not Burning Bridges in the Paleo Movement — Building bridges to others in the Real Food Community

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Last but not least... a little shameless self promotion!

The first time I attended Paleo f(x) I was there on assignment from Paleo Magazine. The second time I attended, I actually got to get up on stage, moderating and participating in several panel discussion. This time, however, I actually get to present in addition to paneling, a Paleo f(x) first for me.

I'll be presenting on a topic that is near and dear to my heart in a speech titled, "One Step Back Two Steps Forward - Using Exercise Regression to Unlock Your Movement Potential".

You, my loyal blog viewers, have probably seen my Muscle Up and Back Flip progression videos, but the real secret to achieving both, is exercise "regression", something I will discuss in detail at Paleo f(x)! Again, don't fret if you can't attend, I'll do a full blog post when I return from Austin ;)

I'm also participating in some pretty cool panels:

Fitness Training in a Digital Age ("I look so much Fitter online")

Fairies, Unicorns, and Paleo Cookies

Beyond Food

All in all, I'm super pumped for this year's Paleo f(x) and hope to see you there!


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