The One Thing You Have to Do

Unfortunately I didn't get the pic of Fred climbing ON TOP of the swing set like a cat.

Today I learned that my good friend Fred had suddenly passed away.

He was a young, healthy, vibrant person, the kind of person who cared about others, maybe too much at times, and felt things deeply. We worked at a gym together years ago and became close after I invited him to watch "Into the Wild" with me when it was out in theaters. Something about that story spoke to him, moved something inside of him, and in the years hence, he ended up going on adventures of his own. I on the other hand tended to play it safe, but I always admired and envied his willingness to literally go "into the wild."

He was like the younger brother I never had and he even moved to Jacksonville a few months after I did, and stayed with my wife and I while getting his work/living situation figured out. We both expected that living in the same town would mean hanging out all the time, but, as it sometimes happens, we grew apart.

We occasionally got together, to see a movie or to grab a bite to eat, but more often than not we would make plans and then break them. This was usually because I thought that I was too "busy" or too "tired" to go out of my way to slackline, play bocce ball, or go running with him. I always thought to myself, "I'll call Fred next week, we'll hang out when things settle down."

Master of the Slackline

Which brings me to the point of this post and the reason why I am sharing this story. Don't make my mistake. Don't confuse being "busy" with doing the things that are important. Call that someone you've been meaning to call, hang out with that person you've been thinking about hanging out with. "Too busy" is a bullshit excuse. Life is too damn short and too damn precious to become complacent about the ones you love.


When Fred payed attention, he PAID attention!

By the way, Fred had a website I don't know how much longer it's going to be available, but while it is you should definitely check out some of the insights and information Fred was intent on sharing.
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