The Perfect Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich

How would you describe your perfect bite of Thanksgiving foods?

Would it be a piece of turkey breast dipped in gravy with just a hint of mashed potato riding shotgun?

Would it be dark meat doing the tango with some saucy cranberries?

Or, do you live by the motto of "go big or go home" and try to get a little bit of everything on your fork?

Finding that perfect bite can be a bit of a riddle, but I think I've solved the puzzle.

By focusing on leftovers, I was free to contrive the perfect bite in an environment free of expectation, tradition, and social pressure. I could combine all the right foods, in all the right ratios, with one goal, penultimate eatability, flavor, and satisfaction.

The end result is quite literally the perfect leftovers sandwich.

By mixing the mashed potatoes and dressing, and pan frying them in butter, I achieved a golden brown crunchy layer that made my eyes roll back into my head. The turkey, already chopped and glazed with gravy effortlessly combines with the golden-brown dressing and potato pancakes and then, right at the end, a swath of sweet cranberry comes in for the finish. Sublime! Bliss! Perfection!

The Perfect Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich

Prepared dressing (I used leftover organic and gluten free dressing)
Prepared mashed potatoes
Turkey meat, white and dark, chopped (from Succulent Spatchcocked Roast Turkey)
Prepared gravy (from Uber Umami Gravy)
1 tbsp butter or ghee
Prepared cranberry sauce

In a bowl, mix together dressing and mashed potatoes (about 2 parts dressing to 1 part mashed potatoes) until the mixture just sticks together. Form two patties about the size of English muffins.

In a non-stick skillet (I used a ceramic "green" skillet), melt the butter over medium heat. Once the butter is hot, pan fry the dressing and potato patties until golden brown on both sides. Use care when flipping them so as to keep everything together (I recommend using a spatula). And, don't be afraid to let them cook for awhile, you want a nice golden brown crust to form before you flip them.

Once the patties are complete, set them aside and add chopped turkey to the skillet with the remaining butter. When the turkey is hot, add the gravy and mix well.

To plate, top one of the dressing and potato patties with turkey and gravy. Add a dollop of cranberry sauce and then place the remaining patty.

Eat with a fork and enjoy every perfect bite.


Tony Fed

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