Paleo Bacon & Egg McMuffin - aka the "Mike" Muffin (Paleo, Gluten free, Grain Free, Dairy Free)

I love being Paleo. I love eating a big ass salad for dinner every night. I love tucking into a lettuce wrapped grass-fed burger. I love having energy and feeling great after every meal. 99% of the time. The other 1% of the time... I love bread.

Now before you get all worked up, I don't mean "bread" in the sense of "gluten enriched gobs of dough." What I'm talking about is the utility of bread, the way it contains ingredients and holds them "just so." Luckily for me (and you) there are more and more products out there that give you everything you like about bread with none of the things you don't. Take for example the English Muffin.

Despite being called the "English" muffin, this particular baked good was actually created right here in the good ol USA by a British immigrant named Samuel Thomas. This is the same Thomas that we know from "Thomas' English Muffins" and "nooks and crannies" fame. At the time the muffins were called "toaster crumpets" and were served in high end hotel restaurants as an alternative to toast, but eventually they migrated into the kitchens of homes across the country and became known as "English" muffins. I suppose "toaster crumpet" didn't have the cosmopolitan ring that "English muffin" does.

Back in my pre-Paleo day's, I was a big fan of the English Muffin. They are the perfect size for making breakfast sandwiches and all those "nooks and crannies" really do toast up well, making it a nice robust base for reigning in a slightly runny egg. I haven't had an conventional English muffin in years, so when I received a box of Mikey's Muffins I was excited to give them a try.

Mikey's Muffins are the creation of CIA graduate Michael Tierney who developed them in collaboration with Deborah Cohen, a health food store owner. With Michael's culinary skills and Deborah's health know how, they set about the task of creating a simple clean, multi-purpose muffin for people who don't want gluten, dairy, soy, or grains in their diets. After putting Mikey's Muffins to the test, I have to say they passed. The texture isn't exactly like a Thomas' English Muffin, as almond and coconut flours are simply not the same as gluteny wheat flour, but it toasted well, tasted good, and will certainly be part of my Lazy Sunday breakfast rotation.

If you want to learn more about the history of the English muffin, go here

If you'd like to get some Mikey's Muffins of your own, check out their website


-Tony Fed

Paleo Bacon and Egg "Mike" Muffin 
(Paleo, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free)


1 Mikey's Muffin, toasted
1 egg (preferably pastured)
1 slice of bacon, halved


Cut the bacon slice in half and fry in a skillet over medium heat. When the bacon is done, remove it to a paper towel to cool and use the rendered bacon fat to fry the egg.

Assemble into a sandwich and enjoy!

Note: If you look at the picture, you might notice that I used the "top" half of the Mikey's Muffin as the base since it was a bit thicker than the "bottom", so my sandwich is technically upside down, but I think it works better this way.

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