#fatbutter = Almond Butter + Ghee (Paleo, Primal, High Fat, Freaking Delicious)

Ever notice how things seem to be OK until they aren't?

I had this experience recently with my food pantry. It had become increasingly disorganized, and I began to hear that little voice in my head say that it was time for a little spring cleaning.

It took a few weeks of my conscience needling me like this until I finally surrendered, and, in a whirlwind of activity, completely cleaned out and reorganized the stockpiled food.

I put all the dried stuff on one side, the cans on the other, the herbs and spices got their own space and, given my predilection for Paleo, I sorted and stacked all my fats, coconut oil, ghee, almond butter, etc. onto their own separate shelf.

Now that the chi was flowing and all was right with the world, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief and move on to more pressing matters, like that Paleo Magazine article that was due two days ago.

But wait...what is this???

I'd been holding onto a container of OMGhee grass-fed ghee for quite some time, and I always have fresh ground almond butter on hand, but now that the two were sitting next to each other I began to feel a different sort of inspiration. This time, instead of my conscience talking to me, it was my stomach.

My "gut instinct" said that I needed to get to work, go I grabbed the ghee, opened up the almond butter, and busted out the mixing bowl and spoon.

#fatbutter (Paleo, Primal, High Fat, Freaking Delicious)

OMGhee is a super high quality product that brings notes of caramel and fresh cream to the roasted, crunchy texture of almond butter. A touch of raw honey enhances the natural sweetness of the combination and cinnamon adds a warm touch of spice to the mix.


2 tablespoons fresh almond butter
1 tablespoon ghee (OMGhee recommended)
1/2 teaspoon raw honey
Pinch organic cinnamon


Combine all ingredients in a small bowl. Eat.


If you decide to make a large batch, just maintain the general ratio of 2 parts nut butter to 1 part ghee and you'll be fine. You could also sub coconut oil for the ghee if your avoiding dairy completely or eliminate the raw honey if you want to make it #ketofriendly.

Recommended uses:

Put on fresh, frozen or cooked fruit, like apple slices, blueberries, and even watermelon. #Fatbutter is great on sauteed plantains or your favorite gluten free pancakes and waffles too.

Heck, you can just eat it straight off the spoon!


-Tony Fed

Same recipe as above but with smooth cashew butter used instead of almond butter.

More #fatbutter porn.
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