Perfect Push-up Technique: The 6 Essential Movements Part 1

You know you need a wide variety of essential nutrients in order to be heathy, but did you know you needed essential movements as well?

Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution have shaped our bodies to expect basic, functional movements just like they expect vitamin c from fruits and vegetables and vitamin d from the sun.

The basic movements are pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, bending, pressing, and twisting. I'll be covering them here on @tonyfedfitness one by one, starting from the top.

The quintessential pushing exercise is, of course, a push up.

Requiring strength, flexibility, and stabilization throughout the body, and especially the spine/midline and shoulder girdle, the push-up is a true total body movement.

When doing push ups, start with your hands about shoulder width apart and with arms at full extension. Your shoulders should be directly above or even slightly in front of the wrists. The spine, from tailbone to top of the head, is kept neutral.

Inhale or even slightly hold your breath as you lower yourself down.

Exhale as you press yourself completely back to the starting position.

Modify the movement if needed. You always want to prioritize movement quality over quantity or intensity.

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