I live in Jacksonville Florida and spend most of my time as a Personal Trainer and Wellness Consultant, helping busy executives, retirees, athletes, and soccer moms achieve their fitness goals.

The fitness world is not new to me, but my personal perspective drastically changed back in 2010 when I realized that I was already getting "old man" knees and could no longer run.

This all started a few years prior while I was training for a marathon. I thought I was wearing the "right" shoes, lots of arch support, cushioning, and "motion control", but things just got worse and worse.

I wasn't even 30 years old, so needless to say, I was pretty depressed. I started thinking of my "bad knee" as something I would just have to live with, eventually facing increasing pain, surgery, and all the crazy medical expenses that go along with it.

Luckily for me I remembered a trainer friend named who wore these silly looking shoes called Vibram Five Fingers. I did some research and was encouraged by the many reports of wearers experiencing relief from pain like mine.

The hardest part was getting my toes into the right spot, but once the Vibrams were on my feet, the experience was nothing short of a revelation. For the first time in memory I could feel the ground as I walked, trained clients, and went about my day. Within three months, I was pain free.

My experience with Vibrams got me thinking. I had wholeheartedly accepted that high-tech running shoes were needed in order to avoid injury, but they turned out to be at root of my problem. What other evolutionary "mismatches" were making me sick?

It seemed like my lifelong struggle with food, with binging on junk then purging by eating "healthy" (ie. low fat and low calorie fake foods) or running for hours might be another mismatch. I began following a gluten free and grain free Paleo diet. I eliminated wheat, most types of dairy, processed sugar, and all junk foods, focusing solely on ethically raised meat, green plants, fruits, nuts and seeds.

After an initial 30 day test run, I saw significant improvement in my energy levels (which is important because my thyroid was removed due to a benign cyst when I was 15), my chronic restless leg syndrome disappeared, my ADD tendencies diminished, and lo and behold my issues binge eating and body dysmorphic disorder dramatically improved.

I started this blog as a way to share my thoughts and to give myself a creative outlet. I never really expected anyone to read it, but to my surprise, people actually did! My path eventually took me to Paleo Magazine where I am now a regular contributor and host of the Paleo Magazine Podcast. I have had the opportunity to be a speaker at both PaleoFX and the Ancestral Health Symposium and even wrote a book on Paleo Grilling! Cool stuff that seemed totally impossible when my brain was fogged up by wheat, toxic oils, and sugar!

I hope you enjoy this collection of recipes, theories, product and book reviews, and whatever else pops into my head and I encourage you to explore, comment, and share.

You can also let me know how I'm doing by emailing me at tony@paleomagonline.com


T. Fed

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